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Welcome to Cotswold Hill Quarry, where we invite you to experience the unparalleled beauty and durability of our exquisite Cotswold stone flooring. With a legacy rooted in centuries of craftsmanship, our stone flooring is a testament to the natural charm of the Cotswold region, enhancing your interior with an enduring touch of elegance.

Cotswold Stone Flooring: A Time-Honored Tradition

Our Cotswold stone flooring captures the essence of tradition, bringing the rustic allure of the Cotswold landscape into your living spaces. Crafted from premium Cotswold stone sourced from our renowned quarry, our flooring options exude authenticity and character. Each stone carries the unique textures and shades that have made the Cotswold region famous, creating a floor that tells a story of nature’s artistry.

Indoor Beauty: Endless Design Possibilities

At Cotswold Hill Quarry, we believe in the unbounded allure of indoor flooring. Our Cotswold stone flooring line offers a spectrum of design options tailored specifically for indoor spaces. From welcoming sanctuaries to elegant interiors, our collection provides versatile solutions for every aesthetic preference.

With a comprehensive range designed for indoor use, you can effortlessly merge style and functionality. Whether you're envisioning a cosy retreat or a modern masterpiece, our indoor flooring options empower you to realise your design vision with finesse.

Discover the harmony of indoor elegance with Cotswold stone flooring. Transform your interiors into captivating spaces where beauty and functionality intertwine seamlessly.

The Ultimate Fusion of Aesthetics and Durability

Cotswold stone flooring isn’t just about looks; it’s about performance and longevity too. Our flooring solutions are crafted to withstand the test of time, offering a sturdy and reliable foundation for your spaces. The natural characteristics of Cotswold stone lend themselves to flooring that becomes more beautiful with age, developing a unique patina that adds to its charm.

Customise Your Expression: From Classic to Contemporary

Our collection of Cotswold stone flooring options caters to a wide range of design preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the classic appeal of rustic textures or the sleek lines of modern aesthetics, our flooring solutions can be customised to match your vision. With Cotswold Hill Quarry, your flooring becomes a canvas on which you can express your unique style.

Other Services

Natural Building Stone

At Cotswold Hill Quarry, we take pride in offering an exquisite selection of high-grade Cotswold natural building stone, perfect for adding timeless beauty and durability to your architectural projects. Our building stone comes in two distinct types, each catering to different design preferences and construction needs.

Dry Stone Walling

We bring the charm of centuries-old craftsmanship to life with our exquisite Cotswold dry stone walling. Our handpicked stones tell a story of authenticity and durability, creating stunning dry stone walls that stand as testaments to both nature's artistry and human ingenuity.

External Masonry Stone

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is brought to fruition by our team of highly skilled stone masons, based at both Cotswold Hill Quarry near Stow-on-the-Wold and Birch Hill Pennant Quarry in the Forest of Dean. Together, we harmoniously blend history with modernity, intricately weaving old-world charm into contemporary designs, paying meticulous attention to detail to surpass our clients' expectations.

Fire Places

We produce our own range of designs which we sell through selected distribution channels as well as direct to the individual customer. We can also work to your own design using the skills of our in-house stone masons who's wealth of knowledge and experience bring your ideas to life, adding a touch of beauty to any living space.

Decorative Masonry

Your premier source for superior masonry stone that transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary works of art. Our handcrafted Cotswold masonry stone is the epitome of elegance and functionality, perfectly tailored to your specifications by our team of seasoned masons.

Stone Sourcing

At Cotswold Hill Quarry, our commitment to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship extends beyond our own quarries. Our Stone Sourcing service is a testament to our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our clientele, ensuring that every project receives the perfect finishing touch.

Latest Projects

Explore the essence of Cotswold Hill Quarry's latest projects, where every stone is a brushstroke in the canvas of enduring craftsmanship. From natural stone fireplaces that radiate warmth and elegance to decorative masonry that seamlessly blends art and functionality, our recent endeavors exemplify the diverse applications of our premium stone.

Experience the Cotswold Difference

When you choose Cotswold stone flooring from Cotswold Hill Quarry, you’re choosing more than just a surface beneath your feet; you’re choosing a piece of history, a testament to artistry, and a commitment to quality. Our flooring solutions bring the Cotswold landscape into your home, creating a connection to nature that enriches your living experience.

Discover us

Elevate your spaces with the enduring beauty and strength of Cotswold stone flooring. Explore our range of options for both indoor and outdoor designs, and let our expertise guide you in selecting the perfect flooring that aligns with your vision. Contact us today to embark on a journey of transforming your spaces into timeless showcases of elegance and authenticity with our remarkable stone flooring solutions.

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